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I BELIEVE Jefferson County Washington, Deputy Brian Peterson bears False Witness, Commits Fraud on the Court, and Violates Michael Allmain's Rights to Due Process. What Do You Think?

 On April 13th, 2019, Michael Allmain’s Dog Moses fell out of his truck, and was missing. Michael searched for Moses and did not find him.  Michael placed ads on Facebook looking for his dog and he contacted the Jefferson County Sheriff.  

On April 20th, 2019, a Good Samaritan found Moses, wounded, and hungry after being lost for a week, and they called the Jefferson County Sheriff. (911)

Officer Brian Peterson and Officer Kevin Denney picked up Moses and Officer Denney took Moses to CVAR, Center Valley Animal Rescue who was NOT licensed to take in Emergency animals, nor are they a licensed Vet. A Licensed Vet was open at the Time. 

CVAR kept Moses and refused to let his owner see him. After 3 weeks, Paul Becker of the Human Society Jefferson County had Officer Brian Peterson bring Moses to the Humane Society. As this was the LAW, and MOSES should NOT have been at CVAR ever. 

This made CVAR Sara mad, and she complained to the Jefferson County Commissioners, she worked up the community to complain to the commissioners, and the humane society. (CLICK Here for That)

She incited a lynch mob on her Facebook page and when the owner told his side of the story, CVAR deleted it, as did the Port Townsend Community page when anyone stuck up for Moses Owner Michael Allmain(CLICK Here for That)

Michael Allmain was stalked, threatened and his life was in danger by constant stalking and threats from the CVAR Facebook Group (Lynch Mob)

I allege these two officers are liable for taking Moses to CVAR, he should have never been there.  If Moses was never taken to CVAR none of the following 3 year attacks on Moses Owner Michael Allmain would have happened. 

Below we discuss a Police Report by Deputy Kevin Denney of the Jefferson County Sheriff, this is for the Prosecuting Office. 

"dog brought in by Jefferson county sheriff's department, deputy Kevin Denney on 4/20/2019 case number 19-3761"

4/20/2019 is a Saturday. Deputy Kevin Denney took Michael Allmain’s Dog to Center Valley Animal Rescue, and NOT a Licensed VET, nor a Licensed Emergency Vet Hospital, of which was Open. 

Again Sara Penhallegon, at the time was NOT a licensed vet nor had a licensed facility for this situation. 

 With this, note that the Jefferson County Humane Society had a contract with the county and the city to take in strays, Paul Becker complained about Sara Penhallegon at CVAR for practicing without a license, and for treating Moses Cruelly. 

Click here for a bit more on that.

For this post what I want to bring your Attention to is Center Valley Animal Rescue’s letter says that this deputy brought the dog in 4/20/2019


Below We See a NOTICE OF IMPOUND From Jefferson County Sheriff Deputy Brian Peterson, I Claim he is Bearing False Witness in a Criminal Investigation, as the Report Above sent to the prosecutors officer from Deputy Kevin Denney states that Deputy Peterson told Deputy Denney to contact Michael Allmain on 4-25-2019, as he had become away Michael was the Owner. YET on the NOTICE OF IMPOUND,  That Jefferson County Sheriff Deputy Brian Peterson had Michael Allmain Sign on 4-20-2019, the same day that Deputy Kevin Denney took Moses to CVAR.  I have verified with Michael Allmain that it is his signature on this Fraudulent Document Below, of which Jefferson County Sheriff Deputy Brian Peterson had Michael sign and gave as evidence in a Criminal Investigation. 

“Note: In accordance with Jefferson County Code 6.07.210 and 6.07.220 this document shall serve as notice that the above described animal has been impounded and is being held at the Humane Society of Jefferson county 112 critter Lane Port Townsend Washington phone 360-385-3292. 

You have 5 days from the date of this notice to redeem your animal or they could be subjected to forfeiture. Additional time may be granted if necessary at the discretion of the sheriff. You may be subject to a kenneling fee of for each day your animal is in the care of the shelter.”

On 4-25- 2019 officer Kevin Denney wrote a report routing on it in other words it goes to the county prosecutor for charging animal abuse in the first. 

4-25-19 narrative, Police Report To Prosecutors about Events. 

According to the Police Report Above, Officer Kevin Denney picked up Michael Allmain’s Dog Moses on 4/20/19.  Click Below to Read

4-21/19 CVAR Write Up. Moses is at CVAR.

On 4-25-2019 according to the same narrative above, police report. Officer Kevin Denney says in this report that "Deputy Peterson was able to determine the owner of the dog was Michael Allmain. He requested I contact Allmain on 4/25/2019”

Keep in mind folks what we just said above. On 4/20/19 is when deputy Peterson went to the home in Port Hadlock where the dog had been reported and picked the dog up he took it immediately to center valley animal rescue and NOT to the Jefferson County Humane Society, yet they had the OWNER sign a document that said his dog was at the Human Society and he could get his dog within 5 days, yet CVAR kept Moses for weeks and never planned to let go of him, I Allege this was ILLEGAL. 

This same police report says that on the morning of 4/25/2019 "I met with Allmain who advised he had owned the dog, Moses for several years.”

The reporting officer in this report is Kevin Denny and the approving supervisor is Ben Stamper dated 4/25/2019

The report above says that deputy Peterson found out that Michael Allman was the owner on 4/25/2019 and told deputy Kevin Denny, yet we see in the NOTICE OF IMPOUND dated 4-20-2019 that Officer Peterson, met with Michael Allmain on the very day that he took Michael's dog Moses to center valley animal rescue, as per the Date on the Notice of Animal Impound. 


We know this because officer Peterson had Michael Allmain sign an impound notice, on 4-20-2019 as seen below Michael Allmain signed that his dog was being impounded, and check out the law that it says

Dated that same day, impound notice

B Peterson #53


“Note: In accordance with Jefferson County Code 6.07.210 and 6.07.220 this document shall serve as notice that the above described animal has been impounded and is being held at the Humane Society of Jefferson county 112 critter Lane Port Townsend Washington phone 360-385-3292. You have 5 days from the date of this notice to redeem your animal or they could be subjected to forfeiture. Additional time may be granted if necessary at the discretion of the sheriff. You may be subject to a kenneling fee of for each day your animal is in the care of the shelter.”

This Cop Flat Out LIED, Committed Fraud I Allege and caused irreparable damage, long term mental anguish, theft of property,

Michael Allmain was told by a Sheriff’s Deputy that his dog was impounded at the Jefferson County Humane Society (Paul Becker, Director). This Deputy Peterson committed Fraud, I Allege, as he flat out lied to Michael Allmain as to the whereabouts of his PROPERTY.  

Moses, Michael’s Dog was Taken to CVAR on 4-20-2019, and NOT to a VET for Emergency Care and NOT to the Humane Society of Jefferson County.  To me this is a clear violation of Michael Allmains Rights. 
For 3 Weeks CVAR kept Moses Hostage and racked up outrageous Bills that the County would later pay. Including thousands in pain killers as their treatment’s were so harsh according to the Becker Complaint and noted remarks by Ellen Heinemann of HSJC, 

Link to video
JCHS Claims that JCHS and CVAR had to Sedate Where when with his Human They Did not.

They stressed the dog so bad it needed sedated, and refused owner to even say hello, comfort OR see his dog, his property. 

Posted Here By Reverend Crystal Cox
Universal Church Of Light

Sara Penhallegon, CVAR director, emailed the Jefferson County Commissioners May 11 2019. Regarding Roady (MOSES) and Paul Becker. SO the Commissioners KNEW what was happening to Michael Allmain, they did nothing, oh except for then conspire with CVAR and against the OWNER as seen in FOI eMails.



Below is Reverend Crystal Cox Reading 
the Above Letter with Commentary.

Posted Here by Reverend Crystal Cox

CVAR Sara Penhallegon is MAD because HSJC, Humane Society Jefferson County, Follows Law. CVAR Pitches a Fit. Don't Worry, they have "Legal Options". This Was May of 2019. HSJC was / is under contract with Jefferson County and with the City of Port Townsend. CVAR is NOT. We Will Pay Ongoing Care, NOT. Bait and Switch. Premeditated Intent to Place a Future Lien, in conspiracy with Officer Wendy Davis and Prosecuting Attorney Julie St. Marie


 What CVAR is asking for is ILLEGAL. Moses, Michael Allmain's property, his emotional support Dog, SHOULD have Never went to CVAR. Officer Kevin Denney of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office SHOULD not have taken Moses to CVAR, they were NOT licensed and a Licensed Vet Was Open at the Time.  Officer Brian Peterson committed Fraud, as seen in the Impound Notice he had Michael Allmain sign, stating Michael's dog was at the Human Society, when it was a LIE, and bearing false witness, as MOSES was at CVAR and maliciously, deliberately, ILLEGALY kept from his owner.  

CVAR did not get their way, as their way was BREAKING THE LAW.  So they conspired with Officer Wendy Davis, Prosecuting Attorney Julie St. Marie, and worked up a vicious mob to steal Michaels dog with intent in the future via a civil lien, as evidence clearly proves.  And Prosecuting Attorney Julie St. Marie gave CVAR Legal Advice on how to Take Michaels Dog in the Future. Click Here For That

CLICK HERE FOR THE FRAUDULANT NOTICE OF IMPOUND, Officer Brian Peterson had Michael Allmain sign, knowing full well MOSES was NOT at the Human Society but instead ILLEGALLY at CVAR, Center Valley Animal Rescue. 

Center Valley Animal Rescue Incited a Violent Mob against an Innocent Man, deliberately, all the while knowing Michael was innocent and his MAY 2019 incident was an Accident.  They Set him up for a Crime and caused him Massive Mental Anguish.  YOU ARE ALL LIABLE for WHAT YOU HAVE DONE.  

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

May 24th, 2019 "ANIMAL SHELTER NEWS: Condition, possession of wolf hybrid has animal care operations at odds". CVAR, Paul Becker, Jefferson County Sheriff. "Becker closed by asking if the county would consider charging CVAR with practicing veterinary medicine without a license and for allegedly attempting to conceal a pet from its owner."

 Jefferson County Washington Fan Page Facebook

"May 24th, 2019

ANIMAL SHELTER NEWS: Condition, possession of wolf hybrid has animal care operations at odds

An animal control case involving an injured and ill wolf hybrid kept as a pet has snared Jefferson County officials in a war of words between the Jefferson County Animal Shelter and Center Valley Animal Rescue.

Part of the problem seems to be the Sheriff’s Office having an unfilled position of animal control officer.

“We are looking into it,” Jefferson County Administrator Philip Morley said of the swirling allegations. “We are taking it seriously.”

Morley said he needs to review the regulations and laws that cover the Humane Society shelter and CVAR facility. “There’s a lot more to look at and figure out.”

The non-profit Humane Society operates the Animal Shelter (dogs and cats) near Port Townsend under contract with Jefferson County. Jefferson County last December extended its operating agreement with the Humane Society of Jefferson County of Washington for another five years.

The non-profit Center Valley Animal Rescue (CVAR) operates a 32-acre ranch north of Quilcene and provides care to many types of domestic animals, large and small.

The hot topic is the possession and care of a wolf hybrid named Moses which became separated from its owner last month by jumping out of the back of a pickup, and was apparently dragged by its tether. 

The animal was found about a week later in Port Hadlock, turned over to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, and transported to CVAR. The CVAR staff named the dog Roady.

After about three weeks of medical care provided by volunteer veterinarians at CVAR, on May 10 the Sheriff’s Office took the animal to the Humane Society shelter – apparently at the behest of Paul Becker, Humane Society board president. 

The animal was taken to a veterinarian for treatment. A few days later the animal’s owner reclaimed the pet, as allowed by law. On social media, people have questioned whether the animal’s owner has the financial resources to care for the pet.


Sara Penhallegon, CVAR director, emailed the Jefferson Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) on May 11 with complaints about a “reoccurring situation” with Becker apparently related to an earlier disagreement over animal care. 

Regarding the wolf hybrid, Penhallegon praised the sheriff’s deputies who brought the animal to CVAR. She said the wolf hybrid was “starving with chronic skin and ear infections” but after three weeks of care, had gained 20 pounds and all but two wounds were closed.

“He tries to bit [sic] and is very hard to even get an injection into and nothing can be done without sedation,” Penhallegon wrote of the animal.

“We are not here for the healthy stray animals, they should go to the [Human Society]; but for the unhealthy, sick or injured animals that need medical or behavioral care, that is what I do,” she wrote, describing herself as a licensed veterinary technician and wildlife rehabilitator.

She suggested that CVAR reach an agreement with Jefferson County and the City of Port Townsend “for animals such as Roady to get the care they need and then proper placement. 

We would hope this type of agreement would improve animal welfare in Jefferson County as well as save tax payer money.”

The CVAR Facebook page had numerous posts and reader comments about the animal’s care. 

On May 12, CVAR posted that “in the last 24 hours Roady has been taken from CVAR by the Jefferson County Humane Society after 3 weeks of intensive care at CVAR and against the written recommendations of both our veterinarian and CVAR Director.” The social media post urged people to contact (and provided phone numbers) of the Sheriff’s Office, Prosecutor’s Office, Human Society and the BOCC.

On May 13, the CVAR account posted that the Sheriff’s Office and Prosecutor’s Office were doing an investigation.

The Humane Society’s Becker, in a May 15 letter to the BOCC, cited several county codes and state laws regarding care of domestic animals. 

Becker said the Sheriff’s Office has only two options: take the animal to the official county animal shelter, or to a licensed veterinarian if the animal has life-threatening injuries. 

Regarding the wolf hybrid, the animal was recovered on a Saturday when a veterinary hospital in Port Hadlock was open. 

Instead, a deputy turned “custody and control of the animal over to an organization that is not a veteran [sic] and is licensed only to provide veterinary services limited to animals owned by qualified low-income households, and the services provided limited to electronic identification, surgical sterilization and vaccinations,” Becker wrote.

Becker criticized CVAR for prescribing treatments that were “so painful” it required the animal to be anesthetized. 

Becker accused the CVAR of confining the animal with “intent to deprive the owner of access to it,” which he alleged violates state law. 

Becker said the Sheriff’s Office needed to provide the animal’s owner the opportunity to regain custody.

“A social media assault was started by the organization against the Sheriff, the Prosecuting Attorney and the animal shelter,” Becker wrote to the BOCC. “This caused numerous threatening phone calls and messages to be made causing some employees to be very concerned for their safety as well as questioning the integrity of the people involved.”

Becker closed by asking if the county would consider charging CVAR with practicing veterinary medicine without a license and for allegedly attempting to conceal a pet from its owner.

Commissioner David Sullivan said photos he had seen of the animal were “disturbing.” However, “there are two sides of the story.”


The county commissioners discussed the issue during its afternoon briefing session May 20.

Administrator Morley explained how the Sheriff’s Office’s lack of an animal control officer contributed to the situation. 

Morley said that former Sheriff Dave Stanko in 2018 had changed the status of the animal control officer, removing the position from the Corrections Division to reduce the pay scale and apply that budgeted money to other JCSO needs.

The labor union that represents Corrections and the labor union representing the patrol deputies did not want “this recalibrated position” to be part of their bargaining unit so it got orphaned,” Morley said, due to the lower pay. “They had a good person but with the lower pay rate [that person] ultimately found another job.” The county’s animal control officer position remains vacant.

Morley said he had previously discussed this gap in service with Undersheriff Andy Pernsteiner, and will talk with Sheriff Joe Nole about returning the animal control officer’s pay level to that of Corrections staff; “we’re just starting the discussion with that.”

Commissioner Kate Dean said that with the county hiring a code compliance officer, an animal control officer is important for site visits that involve aggressive animals.

Morley acknowledged the apparent tension between the CVAR and Humane Society leaders, and cautioned that the county “shouldn’t react too strongly, too quickly” until regulations are reviewed and the complete story is known.

Commissioner Sullivan noted that the two groups are “good people doing good things that save us money.”

PHOTO CAPTION: The care and possession of this wolf hybrid has become the subject of controversy involving the Humane Society of Jefferson County Washington and Center Valley Animal Rescue, with Jefferson County government in the middle


Links for More Research to the Above

May 12th, 2019 CVAR Lynch Mob Thread

Blog Post on the Facebook Thread

FOI eMails On Parties Named Above

FOI eMails on Becker Complaint

Prosecuting Attorney Julie St. Marie Jefferson County Port Townsend Washington, legally advising, Sara Penhallegon, the Director of CVAR, Center Valley Animal Rescue, to PLACE A LIEN on a Man's Private Property, his Emotional Support Animal, his Family.

Michael Allmain Case Videos by Reverend Crystal Cox RUMBLE

Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney Julie St. Marie Conspires with Center Valley Animal Rescue, CVAR, and their Attorney Adam P. Karp, to Set Michael Allmain up for a FUTURE Premeditated LIEN to Steal His Personal Property, His Emotional Support Dog, Moses.

CVAR and Prosecuting Attorney Chris Ashcroft

eMails between Officer Wendy Davis and CVAR

Mr. Allmain has been Charged

FOI eMails Between Jefferson County Prosecutor Julie St. Marie and CVAR, Sara Penhallegon

CVAR May 2019 Posts. RCC Commentary


Sunday, October 17, 2021

Michael Allmain Criminal Case Port Townsend. April 28th 2021, Trial Confirmation Hearing, Michael's Public Attorney Nat Jacobs, asks the Court Yet Again to Preserve the Evidence. The Evidence is the DOG Moses as this same Court has Ruled Over and Over.

 In this Hearing we see, YET AGAIN, Judge Mindy Walker RULE that Moses is Evidence and she GRANTS the Order that Evidence, MOSES, be Preserved.  Another Words Not Adopted Out, NOT Neutered, NOT destroyed. 

Prosecuting Attorney, Julie St. Marie, CONSPIRED with Center Valley Animal Rescue, Sara Penhallegon and their Attorney Adam P. Karp, to STEAL Moses, and they did so for 2 years prior, non-stop, as emails prove.

4-28-2021 Hearing with Commentary By Reverend Crystal Cox

Prosecuting Attorney Julie St. Marie Jefferson County Port Townsend Washington, legally advising, Sara Penhallegon, the Director of CVAR, Center Valley Animal Rescue, to PLACE A LIEN on a Man's Private Property, his Emotional Support Animal, his Family.  I Allege, this is Abuse of Process, Fraud on the Courts, Selective Prosecution, Criminal Defamation, Painting in False Light, THEFT, Deliberate Knowing Cause of Massive Mental Anguish, Bait and Switch, Conspiracy for Financial Gain, RICO Pattern and History Criminal and Civil. Life Endangerment and FRAUD. oh and Don't Forget Lying under Oath to a Judge.  

MAY 20th, 2019 eMail from Julie St. Marie to CVAR, Sara Penhallegon. 

BELOW YOU SEE YOUR PROSECUTING ATTORNEY JEFFERSON COUNTY,  eMailing and Clearly giving legal advice to CVAR yet again, and COPYING Adam P. Karp, the same attorney that conspired to place the lien years prior to doing so. This is From May 30th 2019.  So, Prosecuting Attorney Julie St. Marie flat out LIES in court over and over of her relationship with CVAR. She is clearly a Co-Conspirator in a CRIME, as far as it looks to ME.  

Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney Julie St. Marie Conspired with Center Valley Animal Rescue, CVAR, Sara Penhallegon and their Attorney Adam P. Karp, to Set Michael Allmain up for a FUTURE Premeditated LIEN to Steal His Personal Property, His Emotional Support Dog, Moses.  Below is eMails between Julie St. Marie, CVAR and Adam P. Karp, Proving They Premeditated the CRIME, I Allege, of stealing a man's valuable Wolf Hybrid, of whom each puppy can sell for $800 to $2000, and he has had 7 to a batch. And of which was his Emotional Support Animal, his family.

Michael Allmain had Moses for his entire life up until these Co-Conspirators destroyed his family and nearly destroyed Michael.  And to the Unjust Enrichment of CVAR, Adam Karp and Prosecuting Attorney Julie St. Marie, and YOU the Tax Payer are paying for it ALL.  Below are Photos Proving the long term conspiring with CVAR and Prosecuting Attorney Julie St. Marie.

Animal Attorney Adam Karp of Bellingham Washington Joins the Discussion about a Lien against MOSES to Steal him in the Future through a Lien in the Civil Courts and Adam P. Karp give them the Statute to Go On.  YOU See Above in an Email from Jefferson County Prosecutor Julie St. Marie that she copies Adam Karp.  Jefferson County Prosecutor Julie St. Marie is clearly advising CVAR on the Lien and on their Complaint that Paul Becker Filed. WOW and on your Tax Dollars.  TO Me it is Clear that  Jefferson County Prosecutor Julie St. Marie is acting as an attorney to CVAR and giving CVAR legal advise, of which hurts others in the community.

Linda Vinkenes

Denise Halverson Leonard
Anna Maria Wolf

Marya Noyes

Below are a Few more Screen Shots of the Premeditated Plan to place a future lien to STEAL private property, I Allege, From the CVAR Facebook Page of May 2019.

Full CVAR Facebook Thread, MINUS the side of the victim, the side of the guy they are maliciously discriminating against, violent threats, breaking law threats, lying that dog is dead threats and painting a false "history" of Michael Allmain and his dog Moses. I allege is criminal defamation and life endangerment. 

CVAR deleted Michael Allmain (the property owner) side of the story, as did the Port Townsend Community Facebook page so here is the side of the Lynch mob and a few compassionate critical thinkers.

Center Valley Animal Rescue Lynch Mob Thread, CVAR I allege premeditating to STEAL a homeless man's dog. YOU Decide for yourself.

Below is my, Reverend Crystal Cox, Commentary on the CVAR Facebook Thread. A 6 part video series I recorded March 13th, 2021.
Part ONE

Part TWO

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

More On this Topic at Link Below

Posted by Reverend Crystal Cox Universal Church of Light

Friday, October 15, 2021

Michael Allmain Case, Was MOSES Evidence? Prosecuting Attorney Julie St. Marie and Prosecuting Attorney Melissa Pleimann sure want MOSES to NOT be EVIDENCE. They want the Abandonment Statute.

 Prosecuting Attorney Melissa Pleimann Says No, Moses the Dog is NOT Evidence.

Judge Mindy Walker Says YES Moses, Michael Allmain's Dog IS Evidence.

Clip Below from 3-12-2021 Evidentiary Hearing.


Michael Allmain Case. Jefferson County Prosecutor Are so Confused, Is Moses Evidence?

Click Below to Watch

Hearing Motion to Return Animal, Moses As Evidence, this clip shows how Julie St. Marie Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney said Moses Ruled Evidence by Judge Mindy Walker and she understands. Then a month later that same prosecuting attorney says MOSES is NOT Evidence, he was wandering around abandoned,

Moses WAS Seized as Evidence from Probably Cause filed by Officer Wendy Davis, DUH Guys. 

Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney Julie St. Marie Was Moses Evidence or Not?

Click Below to Watch Video Transcript of both

Evidence Works up a Debt, though City took the Dog as Evidence

18 minutes in (2:20PM) is Judge Mindy Walker on Moses as Evidence and Prosecuting Attorney Julie St. Marie, 3-26-2021 Hearing. Seizure, Evidence. Please make the DOG NOT Evidence.  SEIZED as ABANDONED? Not Evidence, ya NOT TRUE as Judge says Above. Was Seized as EVIDENCE in a Criminal Investigation. Moses was NEVER EVER EVER Abandoned as the Record is Clear On.

Posted here by 

Reverend Crystal Cox

Universal Church of Light

Michael Allmain Criminal Case. MARCH 12th, 2021 Video Transcript of Evidentiary Hearing of 3-12-2021 Part 1-7 with Commentary by Reverend Crystal Cox. Prosecuting Attorney Melissa Pleimann. Public Defender Nat Jacobs. City Attorney Heidi Greenwood. Port Townsend Animal Cruelty Case. Jefferson County Washington.

 Evidentiary Hearing in the Michael Allmain Case.


Judge Mindy Walker Says

Prosecuting Attorney Melissa Pleimann Says NO Moses is NOT Evidence.

Be SURE and Listen to the Part where Adam Karp's Lien was NOT filed but sent as Evidence and seemed to be conspiring possibly with the City attorney, and well, hmmm...

What is the Relationship Between the City of Port Townsend And CVAR, Center Valley Animal Rescue who is acting as an Agent for the City in this Case?

Was Moses, Michael's Dog Abandoned?

Did Michael Allmain contact the City? 

What is the Relationship Between CVAR and the City of Port Townsend?

Does the City of Port Townsend have an Agency Relationship with CVAR, Center Valley Animal Rescue?

Was Michael Allmain's Due Process Violated?

Did Michael Allmain Really Commit a Crime?

How To Use the Civil Courts to Get Your Way in the Criminal Courts.

Did Jefferson County Prosecutors, the City of Port Townsend Attorneys, and the Port Townsend Police along with a County Commissioner, the Sheriff, and other Law Enforcement Conspire to Set up a Homeless Man for a Crime he DID NOT COMMITT, and Steal His Private Personal Property, his Emotional Support Animal?

Was Officer Wendy Davis conspiring to set up a homeless man and steal his emotional support dog, KNOWINGLY?

Is the City Liable, Prosecuting Attorney Melissa Pleimann says they are.

All that and more in the Hearing Video Transcript Below.

Stay Tuned for More parts to this Hearing Coming Soon.

March 12th 2021 Evidentiary Hearing,

MOSES, the Dog is the Evidence. 

3-12-2021 Evidentiary Hearing Michael Allmain Case, Reverend Crystal Cox Commentary Part ONE

3-12-2021 Evidentiary Hearing Michael Allmain Case, Reverend Crystal Cox Commentary Part TWO 

3-12-2021 Evidentiary Hearing Michael Allmain Case, Reverend Crystal Cox Commentary Part Three

3-12-2021 Evidentiary Hearing Michael Allmain Case, Reverend Crystal Cox Commentary Part Four

3-12-2021 Evidentiary Hearing Michael Allmain Case, Reverend Crystal Cox Commentary Part FIVE

3-12-2021 Evidentiary Hearing Michael Allmain Case, Reverend Crystal Cox Commentary Part SIX

3-12-2021 Evidentiary Hearing Michael Allmain Case, Reverend Crystal Cox Commentary Part SEVEN


Posted by Reverend Crystal Cox
Universal Church of Light

Monday, October 11, 2021

Stayed Tuned for Just How Big of a Deal these 2 Emails are. This Group of People Deliberately Maliciously Targeted a Port Townsend Homeless man to their own UNJUST ENRICHMENT. With Forced BILLS to CVAR for nearly a year.


Port Townsend Police Officer Wendy Davis, Sara P. from CVAR and Prosecuting Attorney Julie St. Marie. 


Officer Wendy Davis Clearly Knew Michael tried to get his dog within Days but yet conspired to set him up for a crime and get HUGE money to CVAR, around 28,000 of FORCED Vet and Boarding Bills from a Dog I allege they STOLE.



Friday, October 8, 2021

3-26-2021 Hearing Michael Allmain Case, Jefferson County Let's US Know Their Intent. No Commentary. THIS IS HOW IT WORKS FOLKS.

 This is a Part of the March 26th 2021 Clarification Hearing in the Michael Allmain Criminal Case. Listen in and See how it Works, You could Be their Next Target. 

This is a No Commentary Video from 1:57PM to 2:34 PM.

Posted By Reverend Crystal Cox, Universal Church of Light

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Jefferson County Prosecutor put in the Court Record that Michael Allmain is Indigent. Yet Michael Allmain was found GUILTY and can never Own a Dog Again nor Ever get his dog back, Court Said there was not a Record of Michael being Indigent.

 An indigent person is defined as extremely poor, lacking the basic resources of a normal life by definition. 

In a Court Hearing on 3-26-2021 Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney Puts on the Court Record that Michael Allmain is indigent.

An indigent person is defined as extremely poor, lacking the basic resources.  ONE Clear Sign in COURT that a person is INDIGENT as a Matter of Record, in a Criminal Case, is they Have Public Attorney.

If Michael Allmain was NOT Indigent he would not have had Nat Jacobs as his Public Attorney, and perhaps never ever met him Right?  So, the VERY FACT that Michael Allmain has a PUBLIC ATTORNEY puts it on the Court Record that Michael Was Indigent. 

This Post is part of a series of Videos, Port Townsend Leader Articles and other Evidence that proves there was a Clear and Proven record in the court as a matter of law, that Micheal Allmain was Indigent. 

You may wonder why this is important? 

Well Michael Allmain can never own a dog again as of Oct 2021.  He owes CVAR $28,000. CVAR I allege, through their attorney Adam Karp STOLE Michael's Dog, his Best of Everything, His Peace of Mind, His PROPERTY, Moses through what I allege as Fraud on the Courts, with a premeditated lien on Michael's personal property, with this lien they sued Michael for vet bills they forced, and planned to place, proven over 2 years with CVAR's Facebook Threads. They executed on this alleged crime on October 1st 2021 through Judge Keith Harpers Court in Port Townsend Washington through a Declaratory Judgment in Civil Court of which Michael had no idea how to defend himself on and Adam Karp did not care about this Pro Se litigants confusion and in fact preyed on him. (those nasty emails coming soon)

You see after the City of Port Townsend Took Michael Allmain's dog for being "at large" then they drummed up Neglect and Abuse charges for an admitted skin condition and ear infection. They gave CVAR this man's best friend and private property, and put his life at risk for a skin condition and an ear infection? NOPE for a VENDETTA by a Rabid Vigilante Mob led by CVAR, a Local Animal Rescue Non-Profit. 

A Criminal Case ensued over nearly a year, a Civil Case followed. Like a ONE Two Punch, GUILTY than Ruled Against. WHAM !!

Michael Allmain was RULED GUILTY of Neglect and Abuse by Judge Mindy Walker, the reason apparently, was Michael is Guilty because he did not prove as a matter of record he was indigent

The Question immediately begs to be asked,
How did this Guy get an Attorney FOR FREE, Right?

The mere FACT that Attorney Nat Jacobs, as Michael's Court Appointed Attorney was in that court with Michael, PROVES Michael Allmain Indigent as a Matter of Law, in my Opinion.

Later when we look more at the Michael Allmain Criminal Case Docket, we will see more filings, I Believe as to when the Court Appointed Michael Allmain an Attorney and for What Legal Reason?

My guess is this same court appointed Nat Jacobs as Michael Allmain's Public attorney because he was "poor" "indigent" as a matter of record.  Let's Continue..

How did Michael Allmain Prove he was too poor to pay an attorney?

Is that on the record? (Better Be Right?)

Seems to me the court would have a record that Michael Allmain was Poor before they wasted precious Tax Payer Dollars to pay for him to have a FREE attorney. Yet then this same court renders a Guilty plea because Michael Allmain or his attorney Nat Jacobs did not prove he was indigent?  What?  Wouldn't that have had to be done to be appointed a costly public defender in the first place?

If you were to apply for a Public Defender in Port Townsend What would you need to do? Read Below to Understand that.

So I have not got this from the Docket Yet, but for now, I am Going to Go ahead and Assume that Michael Allmain Applied for a Public Attorney, and that to Get this Valuable Asset given to him for FREE, he had to apply and be approved, and then, as a matter of court record Michael Allmain would have to have a court DETERMINATION OF INDIGENCY, on the Docket right? And then have an attorney appointed to him, but only when he had a Judicial Ruling that he QUALIFIED for a Court Appointed Attorney BECAUSE he was Indigent. Right? You following all this? 

So If this Same Court RULED that Michael Allmain Was Indigent and therefore Qualified for a Public Attorney, as a Matter of Law, on the Court Record, then HOW in the WORLD can this Same Court around 8 months later deem Michael Allmain GUILTY because he did not Prove he was Indigent? Smells Fishy to Me and I Trust the the GUILTY will be held Accountable, the Evidence of What they did to this man is Clear to Me. 

What was Worth this Beautiful Family?

Seems to me like somebody is in Trouble Here Right? But Who?

Well they have a well oiled Monsters Among Us Machine, and YES I will file complaints with all agencies against all parties. However for now I want the Public of Port Townsend to understand what happened here, as YOU could be their Next Target. 

To me there is Fraud on the Courts and Abuse of Process in the least, Either Way. If Michael Allmain had no Affidavit of Indigence on the Docket than he should not have legally been allowed an attorney, so if that's the case, WOW Right, who is on the hook for those attorney fees?  And if Michael Allmain had an Affidavit of Indigence, that qualified him for a Court Appointed Attorney, then how in the WORLD was he found GUILTY because he had not proven as a matter of court record that he was Indigent?

Sounds a Little Like a ... Kangaroo Court to Me

Kind of Makes Your Head Spin Don't It?


Was There a Court Ruling That was a Determination of Indigency in this Case or Not?

Let’s Take a Look at Washington Law Regarding 

Determination of indigency

RCW 10.101.020: Determination of indigency—Provisional ... › rcw

(1) A determination of indigency shall be made for all persons wishing the appointment of counsel in criminal, juvenile, involuntary commitment, ...

RCW 10.101.020

Determination of indigency

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RCW 10.101.020

Determination of indigency. Provisional appointment. Promissory note.

(1) A determination of indigency shall be made for all persons wishing the appointment of counsel in criminal, juvenile, involuntary commitment, and dependency cases, and any other case where the right to counsel attaches. The court or its designee shall determine whether the person is indigent pursuant to the standards set forth in this chapter.

(2) In making the determination of indigency, the court shall also consider the anticipated length and complexity of the proceedings and the usual and customary charges of an attorney in the community for rendering services, and any other circumstances presented to the court which are relevant to the issue of indigency. The appointment of counsel shall not be denied to the person because the person's friends or relatives, other than a spouse who was not the victim of any offense or offenses allegedly committed by the person, have resources adequate to retain counsel, or because the person has posted or is capable of posting bond.

(3) The determination of indigency shall be made upon the defendant's initial contact with the court or at the earliest time circumstances permit. The court or its designee shall keep a written record of the determination of indigency. Any information given by the accused under this section or sections shall be confidential and shall not be available for use by the prosecution in the pending case.

(4) If a determination of eligibility cannot be made before the time when the first services are to be rendered, the court shall appoint an attorney on a provisional basis. If the court subsequently determines that the person receiving the services is ineligible, the court shall notify the person of the termination of services, subject to court-ordered reinstatement.

(5) All persons determined to be indigent and able to contribute, shall be required to execute a promissory note at the time counsel is appointed. The person shall be informed whether payment shall be made in the form of a lump sum payment or periodic payments. The payment and payment schedule must be set forth in writing. The person receiving the appointment of counsel shall also sign an affidavit swearing under penalty of perjury that all income and assets reported are complete and accurate. In addition, the person must swear in the affidavit to immediately report any change in financial status to the court.

(6) The office or individual charged by the court to make the determination of indigency shall provide a written report and opinion as to indigency on a form prescribed by the office of public defense, based on information obtained from the defendant and subject to verification. The form shall include information necessary to provide a basis for making a determination with respect to indigency as provided by this chapter. "

[ 1997 c 41 § 5; 1989 c 409 § 3.]

Seems to me Either Way the Court Messed this up, AS A MATTER OF RECORD, 
As a Matter of Law. 

So who is accountable for this man’s life, his suffering, his mental anguish, his life endangerment? His loss of his best friend FOREVER and Insult to Massive Injury, ALONG with that, clear to me, Lawless Verdict, Michael Allmain can NEVER own a DOG Again EVER

What a Bunch of Monsters eH?

All whipped up into a LIFE THREATENING, Torturing Lynch Mob Frenzy by a Local Non-Profit.  Lessons to Be Learned here Jefferson County Washington.

Surely No Matter which way you look at the information on this post, the Judge, in my Opinion Dunn "Screwed the Pooch" as they say.

In case my Reader is unfamiliar with the term "Screwed the Pooch" it means:   "to commit an egregious blunder".

Who is Liable for this Malicious Chaos?

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Michael Allmain Case Rumble


Posted HERE by Reverend Crystal Cox, ALL Faith Church, Universal Church of Light Port Townsend Washington.